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In today’s competition all the profession faces neck to neck competition. Most of the companies want to hire not only educated labor force but they give priority to skilled labor force.
Organization provides training to employees in various technologies from management to technology. From sales to support. A skilled employee not only perform well in the team. But his contribution toward the growth of company results into his promotion and bonuses. Every single employee counts for an organization growth and almost all companies understand this fact. They create environment for cross training and seminars.

How will i get training– I am not working anywhere

This is one of the most frequent question which comes in fresher mind. The answer for this question is FM Software. We know you have already studied in exams and you’ve earned your degree. But only your degree/diploma do not make you eligible for most of technical jobs. Until you have the skills to perform in the job. Employers are interested to spend on Skilled+Educated Candidate= 100 % Employee. Since you have your qualification we help you in getting the second part (SKILL).  Mentors in FM Software develop your skills and prepare you for getting your next job.

I have done my college training in XXXX technology, i am not getting job anywhere

Most of the students do there trainings from college while studying. They are not able to hunt job in that programming language. The main reason for not getting the job either you don’t have interest in that language or your training curriculum did not incorporates the new programming standards which are in demand among corporates.
There is never late consult our training coordinator and they will assist you in weaving your career path.


What is training?development

Training is a program which helps employees, students, teacher to develop and nourish there skills to current prevailing best industrial practices. Training programs can be sponsored by a organization or candidate himself. The ultimate aim of training is to perform more efficiently and effectively on preferred programming stream.

Training techniques:

One of the most important things company need to do for new hires is provide them with all the necessary materials and training they will need in order to perform their jobs properly. There are different methods available, but the main concern is figuring out which method is best for your employees.development

Class room training : Even though there have been many technological advances, instructor-led training (also known as “classroom training”) is still one of the most popular training techniques. A survey found that 50% of employees believe in-person training helps them retain more information, which makes sense since they can get their questions answered by the trainer as they are learning the material.

Interactive Training: Studies have shown that a large percentage of workers/employees prefer to learn by actually looking at, or experiencing, what their tasks will be. Watching someone else perform, or even better, practicing what their day-to-day tasks will be, will help them build confidence and they will have a clear idea of what they should do.

Computer based Training: This training method is most effective for training employees that work remotely because it allows the trainee to learn in a comfortable environment, avoid distractions, and learn at their own pace. This training method is particularly helpful when training employees on a specific application or software, but it can also help to train on general knowledge and skills.
When you decided a training method use , be sure to do some research and choose the method that best suits your company’s needs. Remember to make the learning process easy and enjoyable.

Training process

The following steps can help you translate business objectives into a attuned training plan.

Need of training: The first and most important step in the training process is to assess the need for training the employees. The need for training could be identified through a identification of present and future challenges and through a gap between the employee’s actual performance and the standard performance.

The needs assessment can be studied from two ways : Individual and group. The individual training is designed to enhance the individual’s efficiency when not performing sufficient. And whereas the group training is intended to inculcate the new changes in the employees due to a change in the organization’s strategy.

Objective of training : Once the needs are identified, the objectives for which the training is to be conducted are established. The objectives could be based on the gaps seen in the training programmers conducted earlier and the skill sets developed by the employees.


Designing Training Programmer: The next step is to design the training programmer in line with the set objectives. Every training programmed encompasses certain issues such as: Who are the trainees? Who are the trainers? What methods are to be used for the training? What will be the level of training? Also, the complete action plan is designed that includes the training content, material, learning theories, instructional design, lab requirements etc .

Implementation of the Training Programme: Once the designing of the training programme is completed, the next step is to put it into the action. The foremost decision that needs to be made is where the training will be conducted either in-house or outside the organization.

Once it is decided, the time for the training is set along with the trainer who will be conducting the training session. Also, the trainees are monitored continuously throughout the training pro gramme to see if it’s effective and is able to retain the employee’s interest.


Advantages of effective training program:

Top companies invest in training programs because they know that investment pays off in individual and organizational benefits.


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  • Profit growth
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Deeper talent succession pipelines


  • Increased employee motivation\
  • Improved engagement
  • Improved speed to competency


FM Software understands how crucial is a training program. What best should be given to individual candidates. So they will get a perfect composition of skill set and qualification.

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