Friendmile Software: FM Software is dedicated to provide services for Interactive website. We believe that being a website for market presence is not sufficient unless it is interactive and self-explanatory.

Creating a good first impression with your website is vital in today’s oversaturated online market. The attention of the average online consumer is about 10-30 seconds. The website needs to immediately grab the attention of potential customers and present them with all they need to know about your site. An interactive site offers dynamic menu options, scrolling bars of information, animations, graphics, and many other eye catching design options. These options will ignite the interest of your consumers.

Now at this point you might be thinking that how much an interactive website would cost?

It’s a fair question that doesn’t have a simple answer. Click here for Web Development packages  details and other information.

For further details required do not hesitate to connect or call us at 0172-5070113

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