Secure Enterprise Architecture

Keep Your Enterprise Architecture safe

If your organization is like many others, enterprise security is nothing more than an add-on to implementation projects and deployed systems. But as massive data breaches occur across the globe, it’s time to give security a closer look.

In addition to trying to avoid security breaches that damage the business, as well as reputations, organizations face an emerging set of national and international security regulations and policies covering data privacy and security.

For example, the European Union must now deal with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is intended to strengthen data protection and simplify the regulatory environment for international business.

GDPR takes effect in May, 2018 and is very serious, as non-compliance can lead to huge fines.

Taking the time to incorporate security into the enterprise architecture is vital – and it’s never too late to start.

Secure Enterprise Architecture

This high-level overview will help you understand the security risks you’re facing:

  • Learn about Oracle products and available training to support the centralized management and enforcement of security policy.
  • See why your greatest threat might not be an external hacker, but an inside professional with access to your data.
  • Hear about some of the best-known security breaches in recent history, including security breaches at Kaspersky Lab (internal espionage) and Yahoo! (massive data breach).

The database experiences 52% of attacks, while the network experiences 34%; however, organizations allocate just 15% of security resources to protect the database, while 67% of resources go toward securing the network.

This interactive information security training addresses:

  • Security and risk management
  • Asset security
  • Security engineering
  • Cyber security
  • Identity and access management
  • Security assessment and testing
  • Security operations
  • Software development security


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