“SEO training in chandigarh” is provided by Friendmile Software. We provide schooling to folks who desire to prepare their career within the field of seo and learn from masters of this digital generation. It has now end up the call for every huge brand and, this has generate fantastic fine job opportunities for both experienced and brisker’s.

We also deal in internet web page designing and improvement so it is every other key to development for bringing more visitors on patron’s web site due to the fact we layout and expand search engine optimization useful net sites.

Professionals at Friendmile Software were intently working with the continuously changing search engine optimization recommendations, and effectively catering to the various seo desires of our diverse clients. Beneath their steering, you may get to learn how to flourish on this alternate.

And this approach while match in all scholar’s mind from very starting, they grow to be expert in on-page search engine optimization and which is fundamental to fulfillment in ranking a website in first page of every SERP.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or definitely search engine optimization is an issue of improving your presence notably in natural (non-paid) search engine results. It encompasses both the technical and innovative factors required to improve rankings, power traffic, and increase focus in engines like google.

Why does your website need search engine optimization?

Thanks to globalisation and a large number of competition in any enterprise, its very vital to catch the attention of informed clients who are extensively on net. so the higher our web page ranks on the search engine results, the higher is our share of attention, which accomplished the usage of search engine optimization.

Training Syllabus SEO Part 1

SEO Training Syllabus Covered

Search Engine Basics

  • What Is a Search Engine?
  • What is Crawlers, spiders, and robots
  • Classifications of Search Engines
  • Targeted search engines

Website Development

  • Before You Build Your Site know your target website
  • Decide Page elements
  • Understanding Web-Site Optimization
  • Does hosting matter?
  • Domain-naming tips
  • Powerful titles
  • Creating great and Unique content
  • Fussy frames
  • Cranky cookies
  • Design Concerns
  • Duplicate content
  • Hidden pages
  • Dealing with updates and site changes
  • Understanding Keyword Placement
  • Alt and Other Tags and Attributes
  • Meta description tags
  • Anchor text
  • Header tag content
  • Body text
  • URLS and File Names


  • Importance of Keywords
  • Picking the Right Keywords
  • What’s the Right Keyword Density?
  • More About Keyword Optimization


  • Use of Pay-per-Click.
  • How Pay-per-Click Works.
  • How Pay-per-Clicks affect your website.

Training Syllabus SEO Part 2

External Tools and Services

  • Google Ad Words
  • Campaign management
  • Google Analytics
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Microsoft ad Center
  • Reports
  • Social Media

Tagging Your Web Site

  • What’s Site Tagging?
  • How Does Site Tagging Work?
  • Additional HTML Tags
  • No-follow
  • No-frames
  • Using Redirect Pages

Role of Links and Linking

  • How Links Affect SEO
  • How Links and Linking Work
  • Snagging inbound links
  • Creating outbound links
  • Advantage of cross-linking

Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers

  • What Are Robots, Spiders, and Crawlers?
  • What’s the Robot Exclusion Standard?
  • Robots Meta Tag
  • Inclusion with XML Site Mapping
  • Creating your own XML site map
  • Submitting your site map


  • Optimization for Google
  • Understanding Google Page Rank
  • Calculate Page Rank of each page
  • Algorithm of Page Rank
  • Optimization for MSN
  • Optimization for Yahoo!
  • The Yahoo! Search Crawlers

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